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Alaska Seafood Company is pleased to confirm all of our salmon products are made from wild salmon. Canned salmon is a quick and easy way to create colorful and delicious seafood salads, soups, sandwiches or entrees.

Ready-to-serve, easily to prepare product, Alaska Seafood Company’s canned salmon is a 100% useable product. There is no shrink or waste in our canned product. Our standard packing removes the bones for your eating pleasure. The natural liquids remain for your nutrition; we do not add water or other oils. The Omega-3 oils that salmon are known for lay just under the skin. Therefore, we leave the skin on to maximizing the amount of nutritional value per can. They are flavorful and easily mix with other ingredients. (Recipes)

Each product has a distinctive label color. Customers can find the product by label color, so they don't have to read the whole label to know what is in the can.

Smoked Sockeye
Alaska Red Salmon (Sockeye) is the premier canned smoked salmon at Alaska Seafood Company. Packed in a 6 oz can. It’s bright red color and firm texture makes Sockeye an excellent choice for salads or entrees where color is key to the presentation. Sockeye also provides one of the highest amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids of any type fish. (2.7 grams per 100 gram serving.)
Sockeye Salmon
Wild Sockeye
Alaska Seafood Company fresh packed (not smoked) Red Salmon (Sockeye) is available in 6 oz cans. Also, comes in 6.5 oz and 3 oz jars. Traditionally used in salads, hors d’oeuvres, spreads, and entrees. You will love the full rich flavor. Have fun making up your own recipes.

Sockeye Salmon
Smoked King
We pack this in a 6 oz can. Smoked with alderwood giving this a rich savory flavor. The flesh of Kings is usually a red or pink. Indigenous to Southeast Alaska we are fortunate to have some of the only runs of white meat king salmon. These are highly prized because of their higher Omega-3 oil content (and milder flavor than Sockeye).

Smoked King Salmon in Cans
Smoked Silver
The smoked Silver (Coho) is similar to Smoked King with a lighter flavor. A light, delicate flavor to enjoy with a cracker or your favorite appetizer. Available in a 6 oz can.

Smoked Silver (Coho) Salmon in Cans
Wild Silver
Silver salmon (Coho) is one of the most commonly used salmon in most types of food service operations. It is the second largest salmon specie in size. Its firm texture and delicate flavor make it a universal favorite. We pack this in 6 oz cans in a traditional bone-in fashion. Rich in nutrients, not smoked.

Silver (Coho) Salmon in Cans
Smoked Pacific
The Pacific Salmon is also known as the Chum or Keta. It is the meatiest and firmest in texture. Its mild flavor goes well with pasta or rice. Packed in 6 oz cans.

Pacific Salmon in Cans
Smoked Halibut
Halibut of Alaska’s icy waters are prized for its delicate flavor. White color and firm texture. Halibut is an excellent source of high quality protein and minerals. It is low in sodium, fat and calories. Available in 6 oz cans. Smoked and shelf stable you can enjoy year-round.

Alaskan Halibut
Smoked Salmon Spread (Pate’)
comes in a 6 oz can with a tan colored label. Used as a spread right out of the can or can be mixed with other ingredients to create your own delight.

Smoked Salmon Spread/Pate

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