Processing Options

King Salmon Being Processed

We guarantee you will receive your fish. We have a very accurate tracking system to follow your fish from the time it arrives until it is sent to your home.

Allow 2 4 weeks for your fish to be processed and sent to you.

We will call you on all refrigerated products before shipping to co-ordinate a good date for you to receive your fish.

Hot smoke - Also known as a kippered salmon. Traditionally the best seller and most popular on the West coast. The Northwest favorite. Your catch is meticulously filleted, portioned and brined in our salt / brown sugar brine recipe. We then smoke it in our computer operated smokehouse with Alderwood smoke. There it is cooked and the moisture content is preserved for your eating enjoyment. We Vacuum pack your finished product in approx. - 1 lb. packs for your eating pleasure. We add no nitrites or nitrates. Refrigerated shelf life is 4 8 weeks. Place in freezer for longer storage without quality loss.

Lox / Lachs - Known for its soft texture. Typically sliced thin for use with cream cheese on a bagel. Most of the world knows this as smoked salmon. We fillet your salmon, and then use our special dry brine process to prepare your fish to be finished in the smokehouse with Alderwood smoke. We vacuum pack in - 1 lb. unsliced portions for maintaining quality. May be easily slice while semi-frozen and a sharp knife cut on a bias. No nitrites or nitrates added. 4 6 week refrigerated shelf life. Keep in freezer to maximize quality.

Cans - We will hand fillet your catch and cut into strips and hand pack into a 6 oz can (tuna size) for your eating convenience. It is then cooked and labeled with a fun label suitable for gift giving. You may choose fresh pack with enough salt to enhance flavor or smoked for canning. No nitrites or nitrates added only a little brown sugar to soften the smoke. They have a 5-year shelf life.

Fresh Packed - Have your salmon or halibut carefully filleted and hand packed into a clear poly vacuum bag and flash frozen to best insure quality. We normally pack your fish for a two person serving. Size is approx. 1 lb. all individually sealed.

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